What Women Need To Do Before Joining The Air Force

Joining the Air Force is certainly not a walk through your Daddy’s playground. We all know that the Air Force is more than capable of changing ordinary citizens to war fighting members who will be deployed into remote locations where survival happens through pure instincts and experiences. However this article emphasis on the women folks in the Air Force on how they prep, face and survive in a place of male dominance. This will also be a guide for the women who are interested in joining the Air Force. Here’s how you can be prepared to make things easier and to get a kick start ahead of the rest.
What you should do prior to the training period
It is crucial that you prepare months in advance physically by engaging in plenty of push-ups, sit ups and fast running. If you successively complete 20 to 30 push-ups and sit ups and be able to run a mile without straining too much will be beneficial once the training programme commences. An important fact to keep in mind is that each time someone makes a mistake in your team; you will be required to do plenty of push-ups as punishments. Such military training programs are conducted on a daily basis unless a natural disaster takes place.
It is vital that you prepare yourself physically as well as mentally by watching various videos that are available online to be familiar with the training practices. Not only physical fitness, military training programs will also teach you to be organized as your locker will be the only space given to you for storing all your necessities.
Practice to eat your meals within a fraction of the time and learn to drink nothing but water. You will be required to gulp down your meals or often times are in hunger as you couldn’t eat enough. Nevertheless by the time your training period is over you will find your stomach shrunken with time.
What you should just before leaving home
You will notice that many women will not adhere to this point but later regret for the same fact. When you join the Air Force you will be granted with scarce amount of time for showering and dressing up. Many women will spend long hours prepping their hair perfectly and waste a lot of valuable time. So one thing less to worry about in time is if you get a good haircut. Obtain a list of the essentials that are permitted to be brought. Most medications other than birth control are not allowed. Hence it’s always wise to find out before making the move. Most important thing that you need to do is prepare your family for an emergency call and advise them the next appropriate move that needs to be taken.