Staying True To Your Sporty Self

We sometimes tend to lose touch with different side of ourselves, as time progresses. This is inevitable as life gets in the way, however, you can bring it back to life by slowly getting back on track. If you feel like sport is what keeps you going, then you need to make and allocate time just for this. Listed below are a few ways you can do this.


The most obvious way to get in touch with your sporty side is to practice, and by doing this you will slowly improve yourself. Improvement takes a lot of time, so give it as much time as needed. You need to start small, and slowly build up the intensity of the practices. This will be taught to you by your coach, and with your team mates be your side, everything becomes much more enjoyable.

Staying in schedule

Once you start practicing, you need to stay in schedule. This schedule of yours has to consist everything you do, from the moment you wake up till you get to bed. If you’re working or studying, then you have to incorporate these schedules and routines in as well, to make one huge and final schedule to stick by. Having a schedule helps you become organized and a better person, with time.

Eating as needed

Once you get into a schedule and routine, you will have to also follow a particular eating style. This will be given to you by your trainer or coach, and has to be strictly followed. Even if you are taking a break for a few months, keeping your eating style and habits the same is always advisable. If you are given a list of things to get, get copies and paste them all over your house. If your food is being cooked by someone, let them know in advance what they are supposed to be cooking. Eating properly is vital to stay sporty.


Although practicing and being excellent at a particular sport is great, making your talent known is vital. You can reach for the stars! You may not start out excellently, but you’ll get there eventually with time and commitment. Participating in what you excel at is a great way to get a taste of what that side of life seems to be like, and whether you actually enjoy it. Taking part in giro d’italia 2017 or swimming meets is a great way to start, and continue to reach a certain point.

These are a few ways to stay true to the sport side of you, especially if you feel like this is what you were supposed to do!